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Pop Comic Shader and Blaster Effects

- An Exercise in Shader Programming and Procedural Effects Animation

The Final Scene

The primary goal of this scene was actually to showcase my Pop-Comic Shader that I programmed in Blender's native shader editor. The secondary goal was to achieve a pop-comic-style laser and explosion effect.  Animating the character was only the tertiary goal, necessary to convey the laser and explosion effect; I created a basic human rig for him and gave him a very simple animation - *casually fires blaster*

MatCap View

The Scene without the shaders applied. 

How I Animated the Effects

Each element off the effect was a simple mesh, subdivided several times and then deformed with a couple modifiers and textures. The textures were then displaced in relation to the motion of some empties I have scattered through the scene, as scene in the two clips above. The smoke clouds are made to dissolve by means of shader manipulation and animation. 


The Shaders

The primary incentive behind this project - The Pop Comic Shader. I programmed these shaders myself to procedurally achieve this pop comic look to my 3D models. These three easy-to-use node groups together contain hundreds of nodes. As you can see in the clip above these shaders are highly customizable and allow for endless variety. 

You can purchase these shaders here: Gumroad

The tutorial series on how to make these shaders yourself starts here: Pop Comic Shader Tutorial Series: Part 1

Some Variations Possible with this Shader

Purchase this shader here: Gumroad

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