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Bipedal/Quadrupedal Robot Rig Experiment

- An Exercise in Rigging and Animating a Character with Different Methods of Locomotion

Animation Render

The goal of this project was to challenge myself in building a complex rig and animating a character that switches between bipedal and quadrupedal walk cycles.  What makes this rig more complex than ones I've built in the past is that it utilizes many drivers and constraints that I traditionally avoided uses in my earlier rigs. 

The robot it a 'kit-bash' of numerous photo-scanned real-world-objects that I obtained from Ian Hubert here:

Keep scrolling to see more on how this rig works. 

Using Drivers to Control the Color and Strength of the Eye Light

Using Constraints and Complex Hierarchies to Control the Claws

More Demonstrations of the Rig in Action

Some Selected Test Renders

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